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Superior Water Well Drilling in Columbus, NC

Pittman Well Boring is a proudly American company that provides superior water well drilling to Columbus, NC, and the surrounding areas. Polk and Rutherford county residents know they can trust us because of our brand recognition. We have provided unmatched customer service to our community for over 40 years, a reputation we are proud to continue, one customer at a time. We work hard to provide top-quality products, most of which say “Made in the USA” on them, which is vital to us. By investing in a relationship with our company, you can be sure your water well is drilled correctly.


How Water Well Drilling Works

Pittman Well Boring has been in business for over 40 years, and our process guarantees success. We know how to drill a hole deep enough to draw water consistently. And while every job is different, you can expect your experience to follow the same general steps:

Obtaining Permits

Before we can begin drilling on your property, you will need to get the necessary permits from your local government. These permits are essential to allowing us to start our work.


Once we have drilled the well hole, we line it with a steel or durable plastic pipe casing. It will prevent the hole from caving in and protects the well from outside contaminations. For wells drilled into sand or gravel, we place a well screen at the bottom of the casing to keep those materials out.

Grout Placement

Next, we add grout to the space between the drill hole and the casing sides. We do this to prevent outside elements and contaminants from seeping into the well around the well casing.

Water Pump Installation

Once we have drilled and lined the hole, we can install the water pump, which draws water from the well and into your water system.

Pump Testing

We want to make sure the water your new pump and well produce is safe to drink, so we perform a series of tests designed to ensure this is the case.

We Complete Jobs Safely

Our customers know they can trust us to complete a drilling project safely. We take all the necessary precautions and draw up a detailed and ironclad action plan before puncturing the earth. We understand a mechanical drill tearing up your yard is a distraction. While we will never sacrifice quality to quickly complete a job, we are proud of our ability to work efficiently.

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