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We Get Pump Installation Right the First Time

Pittman Well Boring provides pump installation to Columbus, NC customers. Our service area extends throughout Polk and Rutherford counties, where we have established a stellar reputation. Customer service and quality American-made products are synonymous with our name. We promise to install your new pump quickly, but we never fail to do so the correct way – even if that means spending a little extra time to get it done right the first go around.


The Advantages of Pump Installation and Complete Water Systems

There are numerous advantages to installing a water pump in your yard. Residents who have used our services have reaped the benefits, which include:

Cleaner Water

Everyone desires clean, healthy water. Unfortunately, that’s harder to come by through city sources than you might think. Our pump installation services result in cleaner drinking, bathing, and cooking water for the entire house.


You will no longer have to rely on the utility company as your water source. Water mains break, and the local governments issue boil advisory. But one thing never changes when you have a water well: an endless stream of water.

Lower Monthly Bills

Removing your water supply from your monthly bills adds up, especially for families who consume over 4 inches per month. Hiring Pittman Well Boring to install a water pump, you can save as much as $100 a month.

Increased Property Value

If you decide to sell your house, you can mark up the asking price purely based on your water value. Homebuyers will covet the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits you did while you lived on the property.


Private water wells are all-natural with zero added chemicals. They don’t negatively impact the earth or harm plant or tree growth. If promoting a healthy ecosystem matters to you, installing a well is a great way to do so.

Better-Tasting Water

No more bottled water or Britta filters! A whole-home water filtration system cuts out the contaminants before they enter your water supply. The result is better-tasting water out of the faucet.

Monthly Savings

Your water heater will thank you and return the gift by operating more efficiently. Many studies have shown that by removing dirty water, water heaters can perform at least 30% better.

Improved Morning Drinks

Freshly-squeezed orange juice should taste sublime. And so should your morning coffee and tea. But many homeowners struggle to obtain these things. A complete water system will soften and filter your water supply to bottled-water levels.

Cleaner Dishes

The minerals found in dirty water leave residue – usually white – on your dishes. Because water filtration systems cut out the minerals and contaminants from the equation, your plates, cups, and china will be spotless.

Softer Laundry

Are your t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans harder than they should be? A water filtration system will soften them and result in a more comfortable day-to-day and sleeping experience. Our American-made products get the job done.

40 Years of Experience Delivering Excellence

At Pittman Well Boring, you can count on our experts for three things: honesty, hard work, and customer satisfaction. We have over 40 years of experience – long enough to have established a reputation stretching across North Carolina. As well and pump digging experts, we have the knowledge and expertise many others do not. But more importantly, we care most about our customers – not our bottom line.

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