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We Serve Customers Throughout Two Counties

Pittman Well Boring is the region’s leading source for water well and pump services for a reason. We have developed relationships with our customers and built a reputation, one satisfied customer at a time. Repairing water pumps is a specialty of ours. Water well pumps provide endless sources of advantages, from lowering monthly bills to increasing property values. But what do you do when your water pump breaks? Having a reliable and familiar water pump repair company on hand is crucial. Our Columbus, NC-based team can serve customers in Polk and Rutherford counties.


How Water Well Pumps Can Fail

As with any other piece of mechanical equipment, water pumps can break and falter. The key is to hire a qualified team to repair them. We are familiar with all brands and models, but more importantly, we know how to adjust to different scenarios. Some of the most common situations impacting our customers include:

Power Issues

If your well is not on, first try to switch the power off and on again. Sometimes that does the trick. If it doesn’t work, we can troubleshoot the problem and arrive at a solution. The power supply is the engine that powers your water pump, so ensuring it is operational is crucial.

Pressure Switches

The pressure switch is responsible for sensing when the water pressure drops and telling the pump to release more water. Bad switches cannot inform the well pump to begin pumping water, resulting in shutdowns. We can repair and replace them.

The Pump Controller

The pump controller is an essential component of any well system, so it is vital to keep it in good working order. In many cases, we trace a water pump failure to it. Replacing it is not a matter of finding the closest match – it must be a manufacturer-approved replacement.

We Do Thorough and Speedy Work Every Time

Pittman Well Boring has the experience needed to complete all of your pump repair jobs. You can trust us to complete each job quickly. But you know you can trust us to do the job the right way. We believe balancing speediness and correct procedures are crucial pieces of our success and will continue to further our reputation as our company grows.

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