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We Offer Comprehensive Pump Servicing

Maintaining your well pump is a critical component of owning one. We offer pump service to Columbus, NC and surrounding areas including Polk and Rutherford counties. Our team ensures every element of your well system operates as it should, checking everything from parts within the tank to calibrating air valves and switches. There are numerous advantages of having a water well, including freeing yourself from city water, fewer bills, and cleaner and healthier water. Pittman Well Boring wants to make those dreams a reality and provide the maintenance required to keep a steady stream of drinking, bathing, and cooking water flowing into your home.

The Advantages of Pump Service

There are many reasons to invest in high-quality pump services. At Pittman Well Boring, we dedicate ourselves to working hard, being honest, and finding insightful solutions to tricky problems. Our regular maintenance services provide the following benefits:

Prevent Breakdowns

The number-one goal of maintenance is to avoid future problems. By investing in routine servicing, we can keep your water supply's total shutdowns from happening by catching any problems before they get worse. Preventing issues from spiraling is invaluable. We hope you will avail yourself of our team's ability to see the problems preemptively.

Identify Degrading Equipment

We only install American-made, high-grade equipment. But that doesn’t mean it is invulnerable. Weather conditions and time will eventually degrade some of the components in your pump system. Most homeowners are not familiar enough with them to notice – until their water supply shuts off. Through preventative maintenance, we replace decaying parts before they go bad.

Ensure Water Quality

The reason you invested in a water well is for the quality of your H2O, so why would you neglect to ensure you're getting the water quality you deserve? Pump service can ensure the water that filters into your home are suitable. Pittman Well Boring also installs whole-home water filtration systems, which can filter contaminants.

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