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Legendary Water Well Drilling From Ellenboro

Welcome to Pittman Well Boring - we are your local experts in water well drilling, installation, and service from Ellenboro. With a long lasting experience in the business, we provide excellent customer satisfaction and have done so for decades. We are honored to serve you all across the state from Spartanburg County SC to Polk and Rutherford counties in NC. Water well drilling, pump installation, and pump service need not be a tough task – give us a call at (866) 453-0662!

About Us

Pittman Well Boring is a second generation, family owned, water well drilling, pump installation and pump service company. No job is too big or small and with decades of experience we are able to understand your needs and give you expert advice and solutions on the water well drilling task at hand. We are also number one in efficiently installing the highest quality pumps with zero hassle. Furthermore, we are specialists in the tricky task of servicing submersible pumps currently in water wells. Again, no job is too big or small! We have been proudly serving Ellenboro, NC and beyond for over 40 years so it’s no wonder we’re the first call for any water well drilling tasks!
Water well drilling process in Ellenboro, NC

Proudly American

At Pittman Well Boring we consider ourselves to be the classic American company – a hard working, top quality and long lasting family company that has served our local area for generations and will do so for many more. That’s why all our stainless steel pumps proudly display ‘Made in USA.’ We believe you deserve the best, so only locally crafted and expertly manufactured pumps will do. 


Based out of Ellenboro, NC we currently serve you in water well drilling, pump installation and pump maintenance in Spartanburg county, SC as well as both Polk and Rutherford counties in NC. As well as being number one in our field we are also proud to provide unmatched customer service to our community. 
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